Canterbury Girls' Choir

Rehearsals - Saturday mornings at the Salvation Army Hall in Canterbury. Choir members should bring a pencil and up to 50p for tuck.                                                      

Rehearsal times are as follows:                                  Saturday mornings during term time from 10.30 to 12.30 . Members should aim to attend all rehearsals and MUST contact Kerry to negotiate any missed sessions.  Choir members are expected to attend all events.                              

Concert Dress - For formal concerts: white M and S girls school shirt (3/4 sleeves), black trousers (no jeans or leggings), black shoes and choir scarf (issued at concerts). For informal events and trips, jeans and choir T shirt (available from Kerry). Choir bags are supplied free to all members. Choir hoodies are also available at £17.50 each - please see Kerry for details.

Choir T shirts should be returned when girls leave the choir.

Choir Fees - £40 per term, payable at the beginning of each term.

      Canterbury Ladies Choir

Rehearsals - Thursday evenings at the Salvation Army Hall in Canterbury. Choir members should bring a pencil, water and some form of recording device if possible (most phones have this facility). Choir members should not miss more than 3 rehearsals in any term and are expected to attend all events.

Rehearsal times: 6.30 - 8pm

Note - Parking is available nearby in Watling Street Car Park and some women walk to and from the car park together.

Concert Dress: smart black and bling with the CLC flower (available at concerts). Black folders should be used for all events - CLC folder stickers are available at concerts.

Choir fees - £40 per term, payable at the beginning of each term.