Canterbury Vocals Scholarship Fund for talented young female musicians

The Canterbury Vocals Scholarship Fund aims to provide financial support for young female musicians from the Canterbury area. Applicants should be 18 or under and must either live or attend school or college within 20 miles of central Canterbury. Each applicant must demonstrate an existing commitment to the study of a specific instrument or instruments, including a teacher's recommendation. The application should include reference to the use of the award...for example a specific course, summer school, lessons or software long with some idea of the amount required to support these activities.
We are unlikely to be able to provide sufficient funds to help with the purchase of a new instrument, but can recommend the following organisations and schemes for those looking for this form of support:
In 2019, six applicants received support for a range of activities including attendance at a Conservatoire Summer School, a Summer Orchestral course, singing lessons, guitar lessons and the purchase of music software. Congratulations to these very talented young women and thank you to everyone who applied.

A range of events are being held in 2020 in aid of the scholarship fund, including fabulous initiatives at Simon Langton Girls' Grammar School and a large scale event at Canterbury's Shirley Hall. The next round of applications will open in April 2020 - watch this space!